The usage of cbc hash in couchbase server 3.0.3

How to use the command ‘cbc-hash’ in cb3.0.2?

The cbc commands are not part of the server, you need to install the libcouchbase library. For example “brew install libcouchbase” on OS X. You can then use it on the command line.

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Can I use the ways to know which node the docId stored locates exception the libcouchbase lib 's cbc?

@xiger you want to do it as part of your java application? Can you tell us what you are trying to do exactly?

Because I met with a situation that the 1000 items is loaded with 1000 alerts,but only 999 items found in cb, described in topic by me before.So I want to find out that how the lost docId occured, and if it existed on the down node.

Can i do it in java sdk?