Takes 30s to query a view

Based on some input from some posts, I created a view to list all the documents in the bucket. JS code for the view is as below.

function (doc, meta) {
  if(meta.type == "json") {

I have tested this on two installations. On one installation no matter what, it takes 30s to complete this query. The bucket has only 3 documents in there when this query is run. The documents have very little data in it.
I am not sure what is different between settings of two buckets. I could find any thing in web interface that will show me what is configuration of the bucket.
There are two options that could be causing this problem… Full Eviction and Flush.
Or am I missing something? Or there is something wrong with JS code for the view?


Ignore this question. Found the issue. The problem server was missing the view all together. So it was standard 30s HTTP request delay I am assuming. It could not find the resource.