Very slow documents fetching

I faced with a problem when result of the view fetches very slow.

I have test server that is not under loading (add ~50 documents per second). Sometimes something is happening and more impossible to get result from the view, I’m getting exception ‘remote host closed connection…’ .
this is my query:

my.GetView<T>("view", "view", true)
  .StartKey(new object[] {3, DateTime.Now.Date})
  .EndKey(new object[] {3, DateTime.Now}).ToList();

It’s really simple query.
If in request specify limit parameter to 10 the query is executed, but it will take 30 seconds for fetching 10 small documents(!).
In CouchbaseConsole I can execute query with parameters and it executes very fast.

I’ve had this issue before but it is disappeared unexpectedly and I did not find the reason.

I need advice what I should to do or what to look on.

p.s. Sometimes couchbase makes me crying because hard to find the reason if something going wrong…

Could you specify what version of .NET client are you using?

I’m using .net client 1.2 version.
Server 2.5.1

@retto have you tried upgrading to a newer client version? The latest is 1.3.9.

no, but if it’s has sense I’ll update it.

could you help find correct link to download this version?

I’ve found a link but it’s broken now:

new version of .net client didn’t help. It works in the same way: slowly and with exception:"Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

In couchbase console in log tab I found strange message:
Haven’t heard from a higher priority node or a master, so I’m taking over.

p.s. I have cluster with two servers.


I made fail over in one of the servers and all work fine.
I have only the one thought: what it was?

Looks like it’s not an SDK issue, but a problem with your cluster.

I faced with this problem again. what I ought to check and to look ?
As I see all works well but fetching data is something unreal slow…

If one server is ‘failed over’ all data fetches very fast. With two servers the data is fetched very slow. why?

finally I found the reason.
servers are located in different data centers.

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