System architecture

Hello everyone we have a company architecture like this one in picture. i want to sinchronise all data between all servers. Does it possible to do this. And also when i send query to cluster does i need to send query to all servers or i can limit myself by sending it to lockal one?

server schema

Hi @Enlighted,

For each of the “Lockal Couchbase server with application”, are each of those separate clusters?

Assuming they are, you can use XDCR to sync data between them. You can set up an XDCR from each Lockal to the Central cluster and/or to each of the other Lockals as well.

As far as queries go, you would likely NOT send a query to every cluster. The application would query the Lockal cluster, and avoid going across VPN tunnels to Central.

With XDCR, you will probably need to think carefully about how you are going to resolve data conflicts (if applicable) and/or doing advanced filtering.

From the central server i’m going to change programm settings, so no conflict with settings going to heppend, and all other data will be marked with place it created. I think that’s will be enough.