Sync gateway with Okta

Hi Team,
we are trying to mimic this( example with Okta integration. There are some changes to our implementation strategy, like application will authenticate with Okta via app server and it gives the ID_Token value to the cb lite replicator instance and also we don’t want to create session cookie to be created instead we wanted to use the id_token for any future requests. How can we achieve this?
String tokenID = OpenIDConnectHelper.getTokenID(user, password);// this will be coming from app server.
// create session storing the id_token (at SG level)
// and save the sessionID inside a cookie
Cookie cookie = OpenIDConnectHelper.createSessionCookie(tokenID);
replConfig.setAuthenticator(new SessionAuthenticator(cookie.getValue(), StringConstants.SG_COOKIE_NAME));
also what will be the configuration in sync gateway side as well,
as of now i have just added below configuration
“oidc”: {
“default_provider”: “okta”,
“providers”: {
“okta”: {
“issuer”: “”,
“validation_key”: “xxxx”,
“client_id”: “xxx”,
“register”: true,
“disable_cfg_validation”: true
so basically, how replicator sends token id for every request and how user channels are created in sync gateway, as of when ever we try to create a session we are getting below record in couchbase, but we don’t see any channel or anything. any help document will be really appreciated for Okta implementation.

“id”: “fafceba937cecafbe6720771d4f766a1703a314f”,
“username”: “”,
“expiration”: “2020-05-06T13:26:21.2806956+05:30”,
“ttl”: 86400000000000

Users auto created by Sync Gateway after authentication will not contain channel information (because that information is not available in the JWT claims). Sync Gateway auto creates user if the “register” flag is set in config and it uses the subject claim contained in the token.

If you need channel Information to be included with your user, then you will have to create the user the usual way .
Set the register flag to false in the config file
Create the user _user endpoint containing relevant channel info

Also note that the flow is the the same across any OIDC provider - it does not matter that it is Okta. So the docs you linked will apply .