Openid implicit flow authorized user cant pull from syncgateway couchbase!

Hi everybody I use openid implisit flow in this document for authorization of my user and syncgateway get me this response

    "authentication_handlers": [
    "ok": true,
    "userCtx": {
        "channels": {
            "!": 1
        "name": ""

what does “1” means in front of “!” and how can i access to other channels I dont want my user limit to using from public channel .what should I add to jwt token or sync config file ?
I can push to my bucket but I cant pull data from it by this sessionId too!

“!” refers to the public channel and the 1 implies that user has access to public channel.

You cannot specify channel access via JWT.

Subsequent to registration, You will have to explicitly assign user access to other channels using _user REST API or you can do that via the sync function using an access grant document or statically via the Sync Gateway config file

You may want to review this tutorial on using OIDC with Sync Gateway