Sync gateway - revision id capture

Hi Team,
we have 3 sync-gw setup and it was front ended by the Load balancer when we try to hit the SYNC GW rest end point.
Question is,
when I try to look up the actual document revisions, some of the revisions are available from SYNC-GW Rest GET document API but some times it is not available( all revisions are happened for the same days).

Below is our SYNC-GW configuration,
“allow_conflicts”: false,
“revs_limit”: 10,
“delta_sync”: {
“enabled”: true
“cache”: {
“channel_cache”: {
“max_number”: 5000000,
“max_length”: 1500,
“min_length”: 1500
“rev_cache”: {
“size”: 200000

Sync Gateway only guarantees that the current revision and any unresolved conflicting revisions are available.

Other revisions may be returned if they are still resident in the revision cache (and I see you’ve increased the size of the revision cache in your config), but there aren’t any guarantees about availability for obsolete revisions.