Sync gateway API dont return open_revs of document

i have this architecture
couchbase server 4.5.1
couchbase lite 1.3.1
sync gateway 1.3.1
node js v6.11.0

I am resolved conflicts in side server with node js script , the script resolved many conflicts but in specific document in part where request open_revs all of document (for select winer rev) my script in node js take many minutes.

i took URL and throw request whith other program (POSTMAN)
Syntax: http://localhost:4985/shadow_bucket_name/IDdocument?open_revs=all

but the sync gateway don’t respond me a document
I waited approximately 30 min and nothing, with others documents average of response time its less than 300 ms.

i search the document in console of couchbase in shadowBucket but I don’t see the body of this because throw this warning

Warning: Editing of document with size more than 256 KiB is not allowed

in my normal bucket the document only have 13 lines of body don’t make sense
i suppose that the document its large because i have many conflicts and many revisions

but my problem its why don’t return a document

thanks for replys

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this issue?

When you resolve conflicts, are you deleting everything besides the final resolved revision?

Also, using shadow buckets is being deprecated. Are you making changes directly through Couchbase Server? If not, you may want to look at sending all updates through Sync Gateway (recommended approach).

thanks for your reply @hod.greeley

no, i just delete loosing revisions and keep winer.

its throught sync gateway API :+1:

but the problem its that sync gateway dont respond me a request of document
and its only in these document :dizzy_face:

Are you able to just access the document without the open_revs param? Try with revs=true to get the history.
It seems odd that the request never returns - I’d expect an error to be returned if there was one. So does this problem happen after resolving several conflicts or the first time you resolve a conflict? In other words, are you ever able to access this document?

thanks for reply @priya.rajagopal

yes but i waited for 1 Hr and don’t respond

Yes, i access to document.

yes if i put in request revs=true display document with revs history but not with content of previous revisions

after resolving several conflicts.

i have a web page and its available with SDK JAVA and through sync gateway without params
i saw the log of SGW and view this

HTTP: #4496: GET /shadow_database/IdDocument?open_revs=all (ADMIN)
HTTP+: Fallback to non-multipart for open_revs

tells us anything?

The Sync Gateway shouldn’t take so long. In fact , if there is no data returned, the HTTP layer should close the connection. It seems to be potentially a bug. Can you file a bug report here Issues · couchbase/sync_gateway · GitHub. Please be sure to include details of the Sync Gateway version etc.
Also, can you enable verbose logging in Sync Gateway, that would be useful when you submit the logs.