Sync Gateway REST API deletion over capacity

Hi, I am using sync gateway public API

DELETE /{db}/{doc}+?rev=+_rev

for multiple documents deletion asynchronously and got error:

error: Service Unavailable, 
reason: Database server is over capacity 

I noticed that
(1) some of the documents deleted successfully and some failed.
(2) This only happens for DELETE API not for GET API, i.e, when I async get multiple documents’ revision identifiers via API GET /{db}/{doc}, it is working fine.

So question is:

  • What’s the capacity of DELETE and how to increase?
  • If no way to increase, how to delete multiple documents in an efficient way?



In the source Code you are hitting one of these four errors.

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In Couchbase Server what percentage of Data is in memory? What does the percentage say that the red arrow is pointing at?

When you get this error do you see hits in the blue arrow the temp oom?


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@househippo thanks first.

Yes, your analytics is correct. It is over capacity is because the memory I assigned to that bucket is not enough. When I increased the memory, then no problem at all.