Service Unavailable, reason=Database server is over capacity (gocb.ErrTmpFail)

Service Unavailable, reason=Database server is over capacity (gocb.ErrTmpFail)

You’ll want to give us some more context if you’d like us to help you. Is that from your application? Is it in a log file? What’s happening with the system when this occurs? Have you read the documentation that explains temporary failures are expected in certain conditions?

We’re glad to help, but we can’t do much if you just post an error randomly.

This is happening from the application. I can’t find the error in log file. This error i am getting when i try to perform some read or write operation.

We are using sync gateway for pushing and pulling documents. When so many documents are pushed at once then also we are getting the above error.

I got the same Error in below situation:
I inserted so many documents to couchbase through Sync gateway, actually it was a test, Iinserted around 19 million documents during 5h, and it gave me this error at end.
Its good to say that , we have two nodes of Couchbase server and two nodes of Sync Gateway.
The requests are sent to load balancer and then are sent to sync gateway.
I don’t know the reason, too.

I did some research about it and I found my own problem, I was getting an alert about meta data in ram , too. so I got that it is due to my ram caoacity, and it is better to follow the RAM sizing guide from the tables of This Couchbase Link