Sync Gateway - Get information about all the document whose revision-id changed during syncing


I would like to know is there is a way to know whether a document with new revision-id is synced in pouch DB. As for know, i am only able to know that new document is Synced.

What I mean, is that whenever a new document is written in pouch DB, I should get the information about all the document which has got affected.

Is there any way to get this information?

Thank you


You can find all the sync information in the Sync Gateway logs.

You’ll want logging set to at least: “log”:[“HTTP”,“Changes”,“CRUD”]


Is there any way to get this information at the time of pouch db syncying.


The Sync Gateway logs should look like the below. I’m guessing you want all the data given at (to Bob@t6)


you are suggesting that instead of looking for the new document.I should check what is my current sequence and compare it with the sequence which i got from syncgateway


You can. If you want to check the doc and rev PouchDB gets you can find it in the _changes feed being created and sent to “Bob” @ t4,
Then “Bob” (PouchDB) decides what what documents it whats @ t5.