Sync Gateway _changes returns "seq":"6647722::6647727"

We are running Sync Gateway 2.6. When we process the changes feed we sometimes see that SG returns an unusual seq field. It looks like 2 seq numbers concatenated and separated by ‘::’. I could not find documentation about what that means.

Hi, These are called Compound Sequences in Sync Gateway, and generally refer to sequences that we expect to see but have not recieved from Couchbase Server yet.

If I read this correctly, I should ignore the part after ‘::’ and simply use stable_seq for my following request’s ‘since=’ parameter. This would guarantee that I see every mutation exactly once. Right?

That is correct, however Sync Gateway knows how to deal with compound sequences sent to it as the since parameter, so the logic can be done on our side instead of you having to parse sequence values.

Makes sense. We’ll simply pass the whole string back to the following _changes query.