SubDocument mutation fails on some unicode characters

Some unicode characters cause failures when used in subdocument paths. Is it documented anywhere which characters are not allowed? From what I understand from the specs every character should be allowed, provided it is properly escaped.


Example stacktrace:

com.couchbase.client.core.error.CouchbaseException: Unexpected SubDocument response code {"completed":true, "path":"something.`let\\u2019s go!`.something.more","requestId":48470534,"requestType":"SubdocMutateRequest","retried":0,"service":{"bucket":"kahoot","collection":"_default","documentId":"4a3db9d8-653d-4b2a-ad61-b06dbe879b45","errorCode":{"description":"Subdoc: Some (or all) commands failed. Inspect payload for details","name":"SUBDOC_MULTI_PATH_FAILURE"},"opaque":"0x291da3f","scope":"_default","type":"kv","vbucket":951},"status":"SUBDOC_FAILURE","subdocStatus":"PATH_INVALID","timeoutMs":2000,"timings":{"dispatchMicros":142,"encodingMicros":11,"totalDispatchMicros":142,"totalServerMicros":0,"totalMicros":220,"serverMicros":0}}

Java Client v3.4.0, Couchbase 6.6.2 build 9600

Hi Michal. Welcome to the Couchbase Forum.

Those examples all work for me. Do you want to share the failing code?

David collection; // initialized somewhere else
String path = "\\\u200d";
Insert insertSpec = MutateInSpec.insert(path, JsonObject.create()).createPath();
collection.mutateIn("0b59ddfe-7797-4960-9471-fab80bde6e23", List.of(insertSpec));

Does replacing that with ā€œ\u200dā€ solve the issue?

Yes it does help. Does it mean that only json-specific (ascii) characters should be escaped?

I believe the only characters that must be escaped in subdocument path elements are backtick (escape by doubling it) and backslashes (also by doubling them).

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