Store the data into index using B-Tree

Hello Couchbase Team,
I just would like to know how couchbase storeing data into index using B-Tree , any docuemnt would help.

For an example
CREATE INDEX index_name on bucket_name (column1, column2); - need to understand how the key and records been store in index.
Lockfree skiplist . As column sort inside index is similar like b-tree.

i went through the provided link but not much info about lockfree skiplist , do you have any other docuemnts which illustrate how the index store the “key, value” pair based on multicolumn indexes.

Hi @mehul, for couchbase enterprise edition, the backend storage used looks much like nitro storage engine explained in this paper.

The backend storage for community edition is explained in this wiki page

Please note that some of the information in these sources/documents may not be up to date.

Thank you Amit really appericate.