Still indexing after I deleted dev views

I develop my view under dev folder. I published the view. Then the indexing process is kicked in on building the view on both dev and non-dev automatically. I deleted the dev one. But the indexing of it still keeps going. Why? Can I cancel it because it’s resource-consuming? I am using 2.1.


If you have published the views, then the production views will fully build. They are completely independent of the developer view.

The dev views only operate on a very small part of data. The production views on the other hand operate on the entire data set of that bucket.

You will need to delete the production view if you don’t want it.

Thank you for your reply.
For my production view, It looks like taking forever to build. I have a bucket with 2M records in average. Records are being added and expired in 4k per second rate. I have a Map that just extracting a transaction id from each record as a emitted key and no emitted value. But the indexing progress bar appears on the upper right corner of the console web page forever. It’s the same for the develop view.