Std:: bad_cast error while using python sdk

I am trying to use python sdk and its working fine in my local but when I am trying to create and run the docker image, I am getting the below error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_cast'
  what():  std::bad_cast

For more detail, visit below link:

I responded in StackOverflow as well:

We’ve seen a few rare cases of this and usually is related to sounds importing another library with C/C++ extensions (though that does not appear in the snippet they provided). There is a PYCBC about it: Loading...

Similar issues (not Couchbase): Error when importing tensorflow before carla · Issue #1125 · carla-simulator/carla · GitHub Importing two shared libraries which uses C++ streams into python results in corrupted output

Can you provide a bit more of the error output? There should be mention of which library it is failing the import of.

x-posting from stackoverflow:
I think there is conflict between the openai and couchbase libraries. I just separated them to different repos and it started working.

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