Spring-data-couchbase on Karaf


I am trying to do a poc to evaluate whether we can use spring-data-couchbase by deploying it on a Karaf 4.2 server. My use case is to read some data from a file and save it to couchbase. Data is being read by a camel route based on blueprint xml. After lot of trial and error, I have managed to deploy the project on a karaf, however the camel route fails to start with error

“Blueprint bundle camel-spring-couchbase/1.0.0.SNAPSHOT is waiting for namespace handlers [http://www.springframework.org/schema/data/couchbase]”

I couldn’t find any spring-data-couchbase OSGI bundle so have deployed is using bund tool.

Please suggest if its possible to use spring-data-couchbase in this kind of environment?