Spring Data Couch Base + Spring Boot + N1Ql Query

Not Getting response while Querying with N1Ql Query. and not getting any Exception As well

trying to run this Example


I have created index using GSI for respective bucket and ALL View .
do we need to do any other setup

If you turn up the log levels, what do you see? Note that the default timeout for N1QL queries is 75s so it might be a while until you get an exception if there is a timeout.

One thing to possibly try is a new project that @brett19 has been working on to make it easier to diagnose environmental problems. Its working name at the moment is SDK doctor. Maybe try building it and running it in that env? It may not find anything, but it’s worth a shot.

You’ll find pre-built binaries on the release page.

Usually the summary at the end is pretty easy to interpret. If you need help with interpretation, please feel free to post it or a link to it here.