N1QL query Not responding, responding only after manual server restart

Our N1QL query is not responding on couchbase server, it’s responding only after we are restarting the server manually by command line. We have multiple relational documents and used GSI indexing. - Version: 4.5.1-2844 Community Edition (build-2844) -

Could you post the query. Also you can try with 4.6.3+

We have many queries like:

  1. SELECT joinrequest.request_status from " + bucket._name + " AS joinrequest WHERE type=‘requesteduser’ and requester_uid=’" + data.name + “’ and project_id=’” + data.project_id + "’ AND META(joinrequest).id NOT LIKE ‘_sync:rev:%’
  2. SELECT joinuser.requester_uid, joinuser.project_id, profile.firstName, profile.lastName, profile.email, profile.company, profile.location FROM " + bucket._name + " AS joinuser JOIN " + bucket._name + " AS profile ON KEYS " + “‘profile:’” + " || joinuser.requester_uid WHERE joinuser.request_status=‘pending’ AND joinuser.type=‘requesteduser’ AND joinuser.project_id IN [’" + projects + "’]
  3. SELECT project.title, project.created_at, project.updated_at, META(project).id, ARRAY_COUNT(ARRAY_CONCAT([project.owner], project.administrator, project.member, project.readonly)) As userCount,
    CASE WHEN (profile.owner == project.owner) THEN ‘owner’ WHEN ARRAY_CONTAINS(project.administrator, profile.owner) THEN 'administrator’
    WHEN ARRAY_CONTAINS(project.member, profile.owner) THEN ‘member’ WHEN ARRAY_CONTAINS(project.readonly, profile.owner) THEN ‘readonly’ ELSE FALSE END AS userRole
    FROM builder-cycle AS profile JOIN builder-cycle AS project ON KEYS profile.project_id
    WHERE META(profile).id = ‘profile:79a15afc-9dab-4579-bc6e-50f8354b5f63’ AND project.disabled = FALSE
    AND ((profile.owner == project.owner) OR (profile.owner in project.administrator) OR (profile.owner in project.member) OR (profile.owner in project.readonly))

Can you try with 4.6.3+

My issue has been resolved after implementing the indexing.