Spring boot Actuator endpoint not working with Couchbase

I am facing an issue to access spring boot actuator endpoint after integrating the application with couchbase. I use spring-data-couchbase v.4.4.7 ,spring boot v.2.7.3 , spring boot starter actuator v.2.7.3 . Before using couchbase I see /actuator/health endpoint was working but after using CB with above mentioned version,I see the same actuator endpoint returns “whitelabel error page” . Requesting for addistance.

@mreiche requesting to take a look . Please suggest if I need to update any configuration . I override couchbase clusterenviornment with connection timeout etc.

You’re going to have to provide more clues.
You should also Google on the exceptions you are getting.

I suspect you are getting something like Actuator health check stopped working after upgrading couchbase SDK from 2.7.x to 3.4.2 version

The solutions sounds like using later versions of spring boot.

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