Some keys combination never show in view(Server 2.2)

This happened in our server.

“CCBDayendRecord_20141204_1_158_backup” showed in view,
but “CCBDayendRecord_20141204_1_158” doesn’t show. Both of them have same content Json.

We tried to force the view index update a few times with no effects.
The view’s data/disk size are 188K only.

document content for both keys:
“tX_DT”: “20141204”,
“shifT_NO”: 0,
“accountCode”: “158”,
“svC_AMT”: 0,
“tX_AMT”: 10165.62,
“rollFrPrevTxAmt”: 10165.62,
“rmrk”: “”,
“result_DETAIL_SEQ_NO”: 0,
“result_SUCC_FLG”: false,
“result_MSG_CODE”: “”,
“result_MSG_TEXT”: “”,
“result_FUTURE_SIT_NO”: “”,
“result_SVC_AMT”: 0,
“result_TX_AMT”: 0,
“result_RMRK”: “”,
“type”: “ccbdayendrecord”

view code:
function (doc, meta) {
if(doc.type && doc.type==“ccbdayendrecord” && !doc.result_SUCC_FLG)
emit(doc.tX_DT, null);

Anyone encountered this situation and have any solutions?

We found this happens when cluster memory hit near 90%. The cluster resume normal after reboot.

Can anyone confirm server 2.5 or 3.0 fixed?