Views not updating after restart

Hey guys,

My views are not updating after restart. The view is very simple:

emit(, null);

This is for me to get a list of keys in the bucket.

For some reason, it’s stuck at ~8,000 but there are 10,000 objects in the bucket.

These are relatively large objects (500k-5MB) - but I did set both max_kv_size_per_doc and indexer_max_doc_size. Note that it was working fine for several weeks but seemed to have broken on reboot (power outage).

Any ideas? Happy to throw up a bounty. Thanks!

Want to also mention that if I create an identical view with the identical map, it works fine and shows the full 10,000.

This is obviously difficult behavior to predict, as we have code that relies on that list of keys.

What version/platform? Is there anything in the mapreduce_errors log ?

Hey bud,

3.0.3 - nothing in mapreduce_errors.log

I just had to change everything to use the other view name with the same map

No idea? Not sure how to combat this in the future and it’s making us a bit worried.

@krandonbruse, I suspect this is happenning because of the detailf behavior of views under low load. Unless queries ask for consistency, we delay updates to views. Could you issue a query to the view with full data set using the stale-false flag in your request? if you are still not seeing all your items in the view, we can do some further debugging.

Hey Cihan - thanks for the response.

This is the URL I used for testing, and it had the lower value:

And from our scripts that access the views, we use stale=false for every request.

No one has any idea?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any further ideas. I don’t think we’ve seen this before. I’ve seen views which hit error conditions and get stuck, but not ones that just stop processing.

My recommendation would be to do a collect info so we can get logs (which can be done from within the web UI) and then file an issue pointing to the collect info. Let us know what the issue is and either @cihangirb or I can look over it and make sure it gets to the right folks.

Hey guys - it finally popped back up again and I’ve taken the DB out of production so we can poke with it. Shows ~12k documents in the database and only ~7k in the view! I will file an issue now.

@cihangirb @ingenthr - Created MB-15274 [MB-15274][1]

Anything else I can do to help?

The right people are probably looking at it already, but I’ll send something to verify.

@ingenthr thank you!