Some Fields Not Found in Inferred Schema


In the Query Editor I get the message ‘Some fields not found in inferred schema (they may be misspelled): defalt.bucket_name.scope_name’ when running this query:

SELECT RAW `value` 
FROM `default`.`bucket_name`.`scope_name` 
WHERE META().id = '1255482864'.

The index is built this way:

CREATE PRIMARY INDEX idx_company_id_ScopeName ON default:default.bucket_name.scope_name.

What is strange is another scope queried the same way using the exact same index creation does not return this message.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Infer schema is based on sample of documents. It might happened that sample might not have the field. This is warning or information only.

Do u mean bucket_name.scope_name.collection_name because only collections can be queried.

cc @eben

Usually the Query Workbench visibly highlights field names not found in the inferred schema. Do you see a field highlighted? You may need to hover the mouse over the yellow warning icon.