INFER output enhancement request

Some enhancement thoughts while developing a Java client library for working with INFER output.

  1. Could the $schema attribute in the elements of the infr array structure returned include json schema draft version? i.e.

“$schema” : “

Right nowINFER output only contains:

which fails JSON object -> JSON Schema tools. It would help with tasks like JSON doc validation.

  1. Document which json schema draft(s) is supported by INFER output.

  2. A List bucket.infer(inferParams) method would save some INFER JSON code parsing annoyance.

I know I’m in a corner case, and most uses want to go from Java Class->JSON Schema rather than the reverse!


Hi @mekenig, I’m the one who created INFER. It’s been a few years, and I haven’t kept track of the latest JSON schema standard.

Is the issue with the $schema tag only the format of the value? In your experience, does the INFER result comply with the latest JSON schema standard? If I remember right it complied with draft 04. If you don’t know, I’ll look into it.

For your question #3, are you asking for a new function in the Java SDK? If you, you’ll want to grab the attention of the SDK people such as @daschl or @ingenthr.