Slowness while updating documents in local couchbase Database

I’m having large number of data document in my local Couchbase DB.When I’m updating the large data document in Couchbase Db, update function call taking more time.
How do I avoid slowness while updating Large Content Documents in CouchbaseLite DB in iOS.

How large is the document, and what kind of content is in it?
How long does it take to save it?
What does your code look like?

Yes, Document having 2500 dictionary values, here i’m trying to remove 3 dictionary value and updating document with remaining 2497 value.
At this point function call is taking around 3 to 4 minutes of time to complete particular block.
I’m updating couchbase documents by using JavascriptCore library functions

Wauw, 3-4 minutes is really long.
There’s a chance that your own local computer doesn’t have enough memory / cpu’s to handle the job.
The recommended specs are 4 GB on ram and a Dual-core processor at minimum.
Perhaps you can try installing it on a fresh Linux server? Normally servers should be running standalone on a separate computer, so all available RAM and processing goes to Couchbase only.

I wouldn’t run Couchbase on my Mac while also having random applications like Photoshop/web-browers open, because it would probably be kinda slow. ( Even though I have lots of ram )
Hope this helps.