Time taken to update a couchbase document manually

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I have this attached document in my couchbase bucket and I perform updates to this from my application. Since my app took long time, I checked manually - it took around 45 seconds to update any changes to this document as this is a big document.

Is there any suggestion to improve the speed by introducing index etc. I have heard of sub document operations - is that the only way to go?

Can someone suggest if sub document operation is applicable for lite?


45 seconds sound like a long time, regardless of the size. So maybe there is something else going on.

But a subdocument operation is perfect for dealing with changes to documents. Definitely give it a try and see if that helps your performance.

Another thing you can try is using an UPDATE N1QL operation, which allows you to update targeted fields in document(s).

What do you mean by “checked manually”?

If you want to determine if your issue is your client application or the server, I suggest you try performing an equivalent change using the libcouchbase-bin command-line tools - i.e. cbc-create.

I’d try two tests -

  1. From the same machine as your client (so you can factor in the network environment)
  2. From one of the cluster nodes itself (to discount any network issues).

Checked manually - I opened the document in couchbase portal, updated the content and clicked save.