Sloppy nodeJS code


I’m having issues around the errors handling area.

      delete jsonError.errors;

TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object


I’m not going to ask ‘Who wrote this code’ because the real question is, who is the technical manager responsible for releasing code without enough quality procedures. i know the remark sounds blunt , but it seems some criticism could benefit this product development process.

Hi I appreciate the frustration if you’re running into issues, however I do ask you please be polite and respectful of the developers.

Also if you’re running into issues, and you’d like to file a bug I can help you with that, as bugs are filed on jira.

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I’m sure @brett19 can help us shed some light on the technical aspect of the question.

Hey @lmessinger,

It does look like a bug exists around the parsing of meta-data for a specific edge-case of errors (where the server responds, but responds with invalid JSON data). I have opened an issue to track this which you can find below, a fix will be available momentarily:

Cheers, Brett