How to calculate Sizing Index Service Nodes

I can’ t understand Sizing Guidelines.

How can I calculate the disk size?
I do not know why it will be 6 GB.

Table 6. Disk Sizes

Input variable Value
docID 20 bytes
Number of index fields 1
Secondary index 24 bytes
Number of documents to be indexed 20M

The above index consumes 6 GB of disk space.

@usk, the documentation mentions the worst case disk usage assuming the compaction is disabled. Please note that the actual disk usage may be a lot less. If you are using CE version 4.6 or above, you can enable circular buffer reuse under the “Settings”->“Compaction” and that would help keep the disk usage limited.

The sizing related documentation is being reworked. It may be a good idea to experiment with a subset of your data/workload and find out the actual usage and based on those numbers, arrive at an estimate for the full dataset.

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