Shadowing Issue - Main Bucket to Sync Bucket


I am updating a document in my Bucket (Using Couchbase SDK’s Upsert Method), but the same is not reflecting in my Couchbase Sync Bucket. No Revision ID was created and no trace of any other process. Please let me know what might have gone wrong in this scenario. Can anyone suggest a workaround for this issue ? The very weird thing is, this issue is intermittent.


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Hi Achyuth,
How quickly are you checking the updates for mobile vs shadow bucket?
There will be timing differences between buckets when shadowing. Could you also provide your configuration?
i.e. cb server version, SG version, server configuration (number of nodes, memory, etc)


Hi Austin,

Thanks for your response.

I checked immediately there was no revision and till now I did not see any revision created in my shadow bucket.

My Server And other details:

CB Server Version - enterprise-4.1.0.

SG Version - 1.2.0

Server Configuration -
Nodes - 1
Memory - 16GB


The Sync Gateway logs are probably your best bet for trying to understand what might be getting missed in your configuration.

I’d suggest enabling all logging for Sync Gateway ( set "log": ["*"] in your Sync Gateway config), and look for logging related to the doc ID you’re tracking. If it’s never showing up at all, you most likely have an issue with your shadowing configuration.