Couchbase 2.2 XDCR plugin

Hi all,

I’m using Couchbase 2.2 for some cache data, and want to know If thre is any XDCR plugin that can pull the data out, which works like a XDCR client, so other system can filter, persist, operate on these data out of couchbase.

I search the document, there are lack of document talk about XDCR plugin development, anyone can help to point it out?


There is not an official plug-in for this yet. That said, what I have seen people do is take one of the official connectors, e.g. Elastic, Spark, Kafka, etc. and modify it for their own needs. They are all open source and on Here is the Kafka one, for example. Most of the connectors require DCP, which is the newer streaming protocol used in Couchbase for these things. To get that, you will have to upgrade at least the latest 3.x version of Couchbase. Those newer connectors consume the DCP stream. The version of Couchbase you are on currently is fairly old by Couchbase standards as the newest version is 4.1 at the moment.

Good suggestion, @kirk. I agree that an upgrade would make sense.
If @linbo is really on 2.2 and can’t upgrade for some reason, he or she would need to use CAPI and XDC v1. Right now Elasticsearch is the only connector we have that still uses that.

Thanks @kirk, @WillGardella, I will take a look at CAPI Server .