Server side scripting


I would like to know what are the scripting language supported on the couch base server side? Does Javascript supported?

It depends on what you mean by scripting on the server side, but Javascript is definitely supported a couple ways. See in both the developer section and the one on Map Reduce views.

I could read JavaScript supported for Viewing functions in Couchbase scripting. I don’t understand what does that exactly mean? Does this support for just viewing server side scripting code or executing server side scripting functionlaity ?

No, views are a way of building javascript map and reduce functions that process the data in the system, and store to a structure for fast querying. Have a look at some of the concepts in the docs.

If instead you’re looking to run a node.js process outside the cluster to access Couchbase, have a look at the node.js SDK.

If neither of these apply to what you’re trying to do, it’d be great if you could describe what you’re looking for a bit further.

I am looking for stored procedures. if you can look at here,
’server side scripts’ you can see ‘view functions in javascript’.

The “view functions in JavaScript” there refers to Couchbase Server’s Views.

If you’re comparing to Firebase or Realm and you are deploying to mobile devices, then you’ll probably want to have a look at Sync Gateway’s sync function and changes feeds.