Javascript version for view definition functions in Couchbase 4.1

We just started evaluating Couchbase for one of our projects. One of the things we are trying to achieve with it is be able to define a view per entity type within our product. For example, a “user” view which corresponds to all documents that have “user” information.

To do that we are using the mapper function in the view definition to look something like this:

function (doc, meta) { 
    if ('user:')) {

Turns out the “startsWith” isn’t working and the view isn’t evaluating to what we want it to. The startsWith is part of the standard but I guess that’s not yet supported in the version of Javascript supported for these functions.

So is there a place where I can take a look at what version of Javascript is supported for a particular version of Couchbase server? We are using the latest 4.1 server.

we are using v8 version 3.21. We are looking to upgrade to the latest stable with the upcoming version. would you be interested in an early preview?

Thanks for replying Cihan.

Yes, we are interested and can try out the preview version and provide feedback. Let me know where we can get it.

great. pls expect an update around late Jan, early feb. in 2016.