Serialization does not exists in Couchbase.Core., CouchBase Net Client 3.4.12

I am using C# along with Couchbase and unable to find DefaultSerializer as Serialization not found in C# namespace Couchbase.Core
Please help as all the Couchbase docs available on internet are outdated and are refering to old .Net SDK version for Couchbase.

In SDK 3 the DefaultSerializer is found in Couchbase.Core.IO.Serializers.


Thank you so much btburnett3, that worked

Would you mind pointing to the outdated docs, so I can forward this info on to the docs team?

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Hi Matthew , The Outdated docs here I mean the docs related to older SDK’ like :

It causes confusion as the latest .Net Client SDK have many syntax changes from these older one’s

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Thanks for sharing that.

That is the API reference for 2.x. The API reference for 3.x is also available: Couchbase .NET SDK | 3.4.12

I assume you landed on the old one via a Google search or something? Would you mind sharing your Google search, so we can perhaps help prevent future issues?