Please update Newtonsoft.Json version. It fixes a bug when de-serializing FSharpList

Looks like couchbase-net-client is using an older version of the library:

9.0.1 version of Newtonsoft.Json will not correctly de-serialize FSharpList.

This creates problems with statements like:

let myObj = bucket.GetDocument< MyObj>(“MyObj_1”)

where myObj.Content will always be Null despite a valid document being available, as its lost during json conversion.

The issue was fixed some time ago here:

Please consider updating to later version of Newtonsoft.Json

Overriding 9.0.1 with latest stable seems to work.

Thanks @enko - we have somewhat “frozen” NewtonSoft at 9.0.1 because of some reported incompatibilities in later versions. Its been awhile though, so we can look into this.

Here is a ticket for tracking:

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