Select where name with \' in name

Hi I need to select doc where field name has backslash with single quote which is
name: Pile oxyde d’argent ---- edit ( does not show \ ’ inside the name , only visible ’ )

When I try with query
where name = "Pile oxyde d\'argent"
I get error
"syntax error: invalid quoted string - at \"Pile oxyde d\\'argent"

Its worth mention that this way works
query where name = "Pile oxyde d\\'argent"

but I cannot change the name please help is there any way to query this?

Not sure how you got \’ in the string. It is not valid JSON. No need to escape single quote inside double quote string.
Checkout JSON spec, when you need to escape in strings.

insert into default values("f01",{"name":"Pile oxyde d'argent"});
select * from default where name = "Pile oxyde d'argent";