Segmentation fault

My API receives about 100 requests per second, and same times, I have an error
Segmentation fault
PID 5159 received SIGSEGV for address: 0x190

What is the reason for this?

I’m not sure I can reproduce this error without some more context and a look at your code that is causing this issue. Can you update the question with more details? I am not familiar with this error but if I can reproduce it I can get you an answer.

Hey @ericb, @Lenty_Me,
I started to look into this yesterday and there is another forum post here with a crash in the same place, along with a bug filed in JIRA. I’m having trouble reproducing the issue as it appears here though. Will let you know when there is an update.
Cheers, Brett

What kind of information do you need ? How can I help ?
I suppose the error occurs with frequent access to the couchbase. I make 4 n1ql requests in one api request : Insert, Select, Upsert and Select
I have ~100 requests in one second

Hey @Lenty_Me,

The issue has since been fixed and will be in the next release, which is scheduled for sometime later today.

Cheers, Brett

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