Sdk3 version has no queue structure for AsyncCollection and ReactiveCollection

We are upgrading sdk from 2.x to 3.x. We could find replacement api in 3.x, but it is available only for blocking collection (Collection.queue), queue api not found in AsyncCollection & ReactiveCollection which we need to do Async operations. Any replacement api available for Async operation?
With this blocking collections, we are not able to set expire time for queue document, which it is possible in 2.x. Any suggestion on these?

@mahendran.maa indeed - when going from SDK 2 to 3 we decided to “properly” implement the Java Collections API … and since there is only a blocking version of it, the reactive and async APIs do not have an equivalent. At the moment it is not planned to add those, but it should be possible for you to implement the needed functionality for yourself - it is all built on top of the subdocument API (mutateIn, lookupIn). If you need guidance or have questions on how to do so, we are happy to help.

@daschl Thanks for confirmation.