RxJava2 Support


RxJava 1 end of life is coming in march 31, is there a plan to support RxJava2?


Yes, we are currently looking at the SDK roadmap to support rxjava 2 - but since it breaks API over rxjava 1 we want to coordinate this with other breaking changes to minimize the pain of upgrading. I don’t have any concrete plans to share yet, but its definitely on the roadmap.

Related, any opinion on RxJava 2, Reactor and Java 9’s Flow? We have thoughts, but it’d be interesting to hear what yours are.

Any news re. upgrading the JDK to use RxJava2 / Reactor / Reactive Streams?

Yes, the upcoming generation of the Java SDK will be based on top of Java 8 & Reactor. We are currently in the alpha development phase, if you are curious please watch our blog for announcements :slight_smile:

Is there any repository where we can get the hands on the alpha release. What is the tentative time we can expect the rxjava 2 support ?


Right now :slight_smile:


(It’s based on Project Reactor rather than RxJava 2. Reactor has some advantages and seems to have taken over as the defacto standard reactive library on JVM.)

Please note that this is an alpha release, not suitable for use in production until its GA release later in the year.

Now is the perfect time to raise feedback by the way - nothing is set in stone and we’d really like to know what people think.

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