Running the Kafka Connector in distributed mode

I have the Couchbase Kafka connector working in standalone mode on a 3 node Kafka cluster. I am trying to understand how to make the connector resilient to a loss of a node. If I close the ssh session in which I started the standalone connector my consumer no longer receives messages.

I assume I need to start the connector in distributed mode but I am unclear as to the best way to accomplish that and to keep the connector running if a node of the cluster went down. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Can you share the scripts that you are using to start the Kafka Connect cluster and the couchbase-connector?

This is what I am running which is pretty much straight from the example on the Couchbase Kafka connector page.

./ /opt/kafka/config/ /etc/kafka-connect-couchbase/

I have modified the to connect to the Couchbase cluster and that is working ok.

It seems like what I need to do is run (i.e.
connect-distributed /etc/kafka/ and then somehow start the Couchbase connector. I am not sure if you need to use the Rest interface to do that and if you do I don’t know the command to post to get it started.

I can set up a start up script to run so that it starts when a node starts, but I am also unclear as to whether or not anything needs to be done to keep the Couchbase connector up. I guess that as long as some of the nodes of the cluster are up and running the distributed connector service that the Couchbase connector should be fine and when a node is restarted it will simply join back in and share the work automatically.

Yes, you have to run the script in every node you want to be part of the Kafka Connect cluster. After that is needed use the REST interface (very unfriendly by the way :frowning:) to execute the connector in the Kafka Connect cluster. Fortunately, there is a cli tool ( that help us to interact with the REST interface.

Thanks for the reply and the tip on the kafka-connect tools. For others who may be wondering here is what you need to post to the Rest interface to get the connector running.


Also one thing I noticed that if you do a Get and pull back the config (xx.xx.xx.xx:8083/connectors/test-couchbase/config)
on the connector it returns the password of the password protected bucket you may have specified in the connector.

@cbarrett Regarding the exposure of the bucket password, this is a known issue with the Kafka Connect REST server. There’s some discussion here; might be worth weighing in.

As a workaround for the password exposure issue in the Kafka Connect framework, version 3.3.0 of Kafka Connect Couchbase supports specifying the password using an environment variable: KAFKA_COUCHBASE_PASSWORD

If set, this environment variable takes precedence over the password in the connector config.

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