Kafka-Connect-Couchbase loses Data

Hi Team,
I am using Kafka Connector 3.1.3 for syncing data from Couchbase to Kafka. The connector is working fine but i noticed that some data is missed from syncing. Can anybody help me with what can be the possible cause for this?
Thanks in Advance!

Hi Manya,

Do you see any errors or warnings in the connector logs?

Have you noticed any pattern to the documents that fail to sync? (Are they different from other documents in any way?)

Is there any relationship between the percentage of missing documents and the number of Couchbase Server nodes?

Are you running Kafka Connect in standalone mode or distributed mode?

As for known issues, if the sync failure occurs after a Couchbase node is failed over, it may be due to this bug in the DCP client library which we’re working on resolving for the next release. If this is what’s happening, a workaround is to manually restart the connector after the Couchbase node is failed over.