Running query services on top of avro serialized files


Currently we are evaluating couchbase server, we need to know whether couch base services such as analytical, query, indexing services can run on avro serialized format.

Can we use Non-Json transcoders ? would the indexing and analytical services able able to understand the document if we do so.

Any another option available in couchbase ?

couchbase query/index service works on JSON data and data must be in the couchbase server.

Analytic supports external data Accessing AWS S3 with External Datasets in Couchbase Analytics

Thanks for the response, i have one more question, if i can store the avro as a binary can i be able to apply transcoders while retrieving through query/index services

couchbase query/index service works on JSON data.

If you going to store as binary you can and use direct KV operations from SDK. Will not able to use Query and index on secondary fields.
on binary data you can only create primary index and no secondary index.
If you have primary index using query you can get all the document keys from index (no filters on fields) using covered query and use SDK get the binary documents from KV.

Thanks again, this really helps.