Blob Storage in Couchbase server

Is it possible to store data in Couchbase database as blob?

Yep - Couchbase itself doesn’t care what data you store - it can be binary, whatever. Note that things like Views, N1QL etc requires the data is JSON, but if you just want key/value access you can use binary.

Can you please suggest how do I do it using N1QL? Any code reference for creating such JSON with BLOB data and storing in Couchbase? Do I need to Couchbase lite for this purpose or Couchbase server itself can be used for this?

It sounds like you’re mixing things up a bit - JSON (by definition) must be textual - you can’t store binary (in raw form) in a JSON object. What I was suggesting was having a document which is (entirely) binary.

How CB Server 5.0 handle blob store internally.
We have document json to store and blob data as well and our requirement is to store document data and corresponding blob data in atomic way but in different buckets (or tables) because every blob is linked with Json document and document should also have blob id.
We can not combine json and blob as it will increase the file size and will impact out DB write performance as we are working on top of large data set. Please suggest.

Divya Gar