Running Couchbase Sync Gateway instances in Kubernetes

Following documentation lists that Couchbase server running in Kubernetes is a prerequisite for deploying Couchbase Sync Gateway in Kubernetes.

Is that a hard requirement? As sync gateway is stateless is it possible to run them in containers but run couchbase server instances on dedicated hardware. Is that configuration recommend ? if not why?

The hard requirement (pre Sync Gateway 2.7) was that Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server need to be on same Kubernetes cluster iff couchbase server is on K8s.
However, it is not a hard requirement that CBS needs to be on K8s. The expectation is that’s the most likely deployment so you have a fully managed deployment. The key is that you will have to figure out the networking to ensure that the Couchbase Server is accessible externally

Is there a reason you want Sync gateway alone in K8s? You can run Sync gateway in containers but you don’t need K8s for that …appear to be incurring the overhead of configuring a K8s cluster but aren’t getting the full benefits as your Couchbase server clusters are unmanaged .