Running couchbase on AWS under auto scaling

I want to run couchbase on AWS EC2. Since my traffic is cyclic in nature, can I run Couchbase under auto-scaling. Since there are a lot of steps required to add/remove a node, I was wondering if this is the right approach. Has anybody tried it ?

Hi Akash,
You can find our documentation on cloud deployment useful -

Also for deploying on AWS with Couchbase Server you can refer to whitepaper for best practices here -

Hope that helps.


Thanks Anil for your response.

We have Couchbase setup on AWS already, and its working fine. I was wondering if AWS autoscaling (node added and removed on the fly as per the cluster avg load) can be used here because I see two major challenges in adding adding/removing nodes on the fly

  1. Addition/Removing of nodes is a manual talk, like we first have to add/remove the node through console/API and then issue a rebalance request.
  2. If the data is huge the rebalance could take hours putting load on the existing cluster which defeats the purpose of autoscaling .

I was wondering if anybody is using this strategy at all or if its an anti pattern.

Hi Akash,

I would recommend checking the response from @kirk in the stackoverflow for AWS autoscaling Couchbase cluster.

Anil Kumar

Hi Anil,

I only posted that question on stack :slight_smile: . Anyways people are saying that it has been done before, so I will give it a shot.

I think Couchbase should come up with recommendations for doing auto scaling on AWS deployments . I see many deployments moving to AWS managed DBs for the lack of the cloud feature ( like auto scaling on failure recovery )