AutoScaling on AWS

I am looking to deploy couchbase as a memcache replacement on AWS.
We are expecting sudden spikes in traffic and hence would like to deploy these machines using an AWS autoScale group.

This comes with a few problems

  1. Since machines can go up and down,what IP should we configure on th moxi client so that the client never loses connectivity to the couchbase cluster
  2. When a new machine comes up,how do we make sure it automatically attches itseff to the existing cluster and rebalances the buckets.

Both the above cases require a fixed IP, which does not come with AWS. The only possible solution seems to be using an AWS ELB but the couchbase site doesnt seem to say anything about using ELB’s

What will happen when a machine gets killed? Would the cluster auto-rebalance or would it require manual rebalancing?
What are the chances of data loss, when a machine is scaled down.

Hi There,
My recommendation would be to use names instead of IPs in the public clouds. You should also be able to specify static IPs for the private networks.

For adding and removing nodes, you do need to intercept and initiate couchbase scripts to add and remove nodes with any auto-scale option. for adding and removing nodes and re-balancing you can use the ‘couchbase-cli’ tool.