Run full text search after a query

I have Query like the following
“SELECT * FROM catalog WHERE table_type = “reseller” AND status = “active” AND payment_status = “admin_approved” ORDER BY createdat ASC LIMIT 25 OFFSET 0”…
After getting the result i want to run full text searching from the result.Is their any way to implement full text search after a query.I am using node js .Thanks.

Do you mean first full text search and then query you can use

Other way round you may need to wait for next release

After running the query i want to implement full text search…

You need to wait for next release. Checkout . cc @sreeks, @keshav_m

So you mean i cannot run this query right now :slightly_smiling_face:
FROM SEARCH_QUERY(“all_acts”,{“explain”:false,“fields”: ["*"],“highlight”: {},
“query”: {“conjuncts”:[ {“field”:“title”, “match”: “artificial intelligence”}
, {“field”:“”, “match”:“rogers”}
, {“field”:“”, “match”:""}
, {“field”:“”, “wildcard”:“6816”}
, {“field”: “”, “match”:“james”}
, {“field”: “”, “match”:“collins”}
, {“field”: “startDate”,“start”: “2016-08-29”, “end”:“2016-08-30”, “inclusive_start”: true,
“inclusive_end”: true}
] }}
) as result
UNNEST result.hits h
INNER JOIN crm a ON ( = meta(a).id) AND a.type=‘activity’

This query does first SEARCH and then does query predicates.
At present you can’t use SEARCH_QUERY() but same thing you can use using CURL()
Checkout 2.1

2.2 and 2.3 are available in next release