Getting back complete documents in Full Text Search query

I’m trying to retrieve a complete Document using Full Text Search & .NET from Enterprise Edition 6.0.1 build 2037.

  1. Created FTS index in the database, where each field is specified as “stored” (I’ve checked the index using Web UI, it works. Index is 100% complete.)
  2. Wrote the following code:
var searchResult = await bucket.QueryAsync(new SearchQuery
                    Index = dbConfig.FTS_Index,
                    Query = new BooleanQuery().Must(MustFields.ToArray()).Should(ShouldFields.ToArray()).ShouldMin(0),
                    SearchParams = new SearchParams()
                    //Explanation set to TRUE
                if (!searchResult.Success)
foreach (var row in searchResult)

Search runs successfully and brings back one row (the way it should be) that has doc ID, Explanation, Location and Score. However, I also need a complete document associated with this doc ID.
Thank you !

Hi @adorfman,

In addition to @deniswsrosa’s answer on Stack Overflow ( - you can also use the regular key/value “get” operation to retrieve an entire document, since FTS already gives you the doc ID (as you’ve noted).

Problem is, I’m forced to do a second query by Doc ID and this increases SLA response time.
Storing values, stores just part of the document.
Any other alternatives ? I have seen that v6.5 has support for FTS in N1QL. Will I be able to get full documents using N1QL in v6.5 ?
Thank you !

If you need full document @matthew.groves suggestion is right one.
If you need N1QL+FTS you can checkout

Whole document in N1QL+FTS needs go through 2-hops (Data Node–>query service (+Filter evaluation)—>Client ) vs 1-hop (Data Node —> Client) direct get