Ruby Daili with 5.0

We are testing the upgrade from 4.6. to 5.0, we have a memcache bucket. But either we get no server available or Dalli::DalliError: Error authenticating: 32

How do we configure CB 5.0 memache with no auth or dali to use it?

Dalli is memcached client, have you tried couchbase-ruby-client?

It worked before the upgrade to CB5.0, and it works Rails.cache.XXX and we use couchbase-ruby-client to connect to other CB buckets, but I excepted if we create a memache type bucket, it would work with other memcache clients, is this not the case?

Couchbase 5.0 improved security, so old clients will not work.

What is Rails.cache.XXX? Have you tried

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