Result class. Two [simple] questions

A couple of questions about the Result class, please.

  1. What is Result.count()? Count of what?

  2. I can get the Dictionary for a given row from the Result instance. Ok.
    From the Dictionary I can get a MutableDictionary and call setters on it. Can I save this back to the db (assuming I have the id)? If so, how? If not, what it the purpose of this? (What is it’s [MutuableDictionary] intended use?) At the Result row level.


  1. It is the number of “columns” that are contained in the result (i.e. select entries)
  2. You have to get the document first, at which point you could set the modified dictionary to the correct key. But at that point, creating the mutable dictionary from the result seems redundant. That functionality is not specific to the result, but is just there so that Dictionary objects can be made mutable in general. It is not useful at this level.