Can I change Query ResultSet and save the Document?

I’m using v.2.0 of couchbase-lite-android. Can I skip extra query getDocumentById and save changed results from ResultSet like this:

DataSource tripDS = DataSource.database(PersistenceManager.getInstance().getDatabase());
Query query = QueryBuilder

        ResultSet rs = query.execute();
        Result result =;
        Dictionary tripDictionary = result.getDictionary(BasePersistenceManager.DATABASE_NAME);
        MutableDictionary trip = tripDictionary.toMutable();

        if (trip != null) {
            if (trip.contains("timestamp")) {
                trip.setLong("duration", (new Date()).getTime() - trip.getLong("timestamp"));
            Document newTrip = PersistenceManager.getInstance().getDatabase().save(trip); // <-- ERROR

This post discusses the same. In short, query for the document Ids , get corresponding document and update the same.